As Vice President and a member of the Leadership team, Sam weaves in the human element like a craftsman while managing the company vision and purpose.  I was fortunate to have worked for Sam for many years.  This was during a time of significant company growth and market flux.
Sam is a true leader of change.  He demonstrated courage while assuming various key roles in the organization… doing his part and bridging gaps to assure forward movement and company success.  Always well poised and thoughtful of others, he demonstrated a calming effect, showing the way for others to follow.  Comfortable with ambiguity and strategically agile, Sam possesses the organizational saavy required of innovation-oriented companies.
Allen Kachadurian, P.E., Principal Consulting Engineer, Lakos Separators and Filtration Solutions

I have known Sam since 1992 when he recruited me to work at Grundfos North America in the Customer Service Department.  He was always very encouraging and supportive of everyone around him.  When I assumed the position of General Manager for Grundfos in Argentina, Sam was very instrumental in helping me hire and coach the team.  Sam traveled to South America several times to help with the recruiting and training process.  Several of the team members that Sam helped recruit, are still in the company after 20 years.  Throughout my career I have remained in touch with Sam.  He has been a trusted advisor on many career and personal related issues, as well as a friend.

Eric Rothberg, General Manager, HamiltonJet Americas

Sam has been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. My relationship with Sam began well into my professional career. With his year of Human Resource experience, Sam was able to help me identify areas of strenghts and help me address area for improvement. Sam’s general business knowledge and experience in large corporate environments has been of great value to my developmemt.

Sam has also played a significant role in my personal life, helping me better understand the work/life balance.

Brian Ekmanian, Vice President, Bank of America

Sam made some of the biggest impacts in my life both professionally and personally.  Sam was hired to grow the value of our business and prepare me for a leadership role.  He did both of these exceptionally well.  He helped establish a culture of accountability, which started with him.  He instilled in me that as an effective leader, I needed to “walk the talk”.  He introduced me to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which has had the single most positive impact in my life. Sam’s guidance on how to implement information gathered from various sources including books, conferences and associations was instrumental in my development and growth. Sam also had the difficult task of mentoring my brother and I on how to work together while developing our separate career development plans. Today, Jason and I are a part of a team that is exceeding our goals and sharing Thanksgiving dinner at the same table.

Ryan Geil, President, Geil Enterprises Inc.
I consider myself very lucky to have been mentored by Sam Geil. If it wasn’t for my time under his guidance I would not have been able to start my own successful business so soon after University. I still use lessons learned from him to this very day. Sam has an energy which is infectious, he has knowledge on matters which astound me and he his always current on today’s events/trends/culture, I wish I could spend just an hour a month picking his brain. Sam is a genuine, brutally honest and kind professional who makes a positive impact on the world and people around him.
Sunny Bal, Cupcake King, #cupcakeking. London UK

Sam Geil joined our advisory board 3 years ago and has been one of our top advisory board members. He holds our partnership accountable at all times with positive feedback from many years of experience and knowledge he has gained in the business world. We look to Sam for suggestions and comments that make us more aware and attentive to our daily business activities and future growth of our company. Sam’s responsibility as an advisor is to give us the truth when we call on him which helps us become less “home blind”. Sam’s knowledge and expertise has made us a better company today.

Steven Orlando, President, Sunnyland Mills

During a period of personal and professional transition, I reached out to Sam to provide mentoring for myself and career. Sam was able to clearly articulate my qualities and provide critical feedback on areas in which I could improve. I can attest that I would not be in the place I am today without the ongoing personal development that Sam has provided. Sam has a unique ability to get to the root of the problem and through collaborative discussions, facilitate long term solutions.

Lance Matthews, Project Management Analyst, PG&E

Through Sam’s training and ongoing consultation, our firm has improved our hiring process to identify and screen for attributes that are aligned with our firm’s values and the specific demands of the positions we need to fill. In addition, he has coached us on how develop our existing employees in an effective manner.

Adrienne Cantrell, Director of Administration, Baker, Peterson & Franklin, CPA, LLP

Sam Geil has been mentor to me over the years regarding personnel development. When we were struggling to identify who we were from an organizational standpoint, Sam helped us recognize what character traits we wanted to develop, and what traits we wanted to avoid.

A number of years ago the Clovis Fire Department arrived at a stage where it was losing its ability to remain responsive and efficient in its service delivery primarily due to poor labor/management relations. The Fire Chief at the time was familiar with Sam and his capabilities, so Sam was brought in to help bridge the gap between the two sides. Through a number of training sessions, Sam was able to lead the organization to a point were relations were restored to a healthy state, and for many years afterwards the members of the Department would use and make mention of the strategies we had been taught while Sam was assisting. I know that Sam had a significant impact on my career path and the part of the reason for the successful reputation of the Clovis Fire Department.

Micheal Despain, MA, EFO, CFO, MIFireE, Fire Chief, Clovis Fire Department