Geil Consulting is built around solving problems utilizing over 30 years of applicable business experience and several “best practice” leadership/management tools.

The primary tool for people related issues is Predictive Index, a premium workforce analytics company. I was first exposed to Predictive Index in 1989 in Denmark. Shortly afterwards, I was certified and began to use to build a world-class manufacturing and sales organization in North and South America.  As the CEO of my next company, I introduced PI to the leadership team and began to experience the same level of high value and transform into a world-class commercial services company.

Simplicity is the next high value tool that addresses quality issues within the enterprise. After people, quality is the most important priority for an enterprise. I built a simplicity model that addresses a number of activities in the enterprise with tremendous success.

30 years of comprehensive business experience is my third and final tool to address multiple strategic issues within the enterprise. The following is a list of environments I have been exposed to giving me a very unique resume, not easily found in most consultants:

  • Fortune 500 (Xerox, Data General, and Grundfos)
  • Family Owned (Geil Enterprises Inc.)
  • 100% Employee Owned (Geil Enterprises Inc.)
  • Products (Xerox, Data General, and Grundfos)
  • Services (Geil Enterprises Inc.)
  • Human Resources (Degree)
  • Talent Optimization (Certified)
  • Workforce Analytics (Certified)
  • Board Governance (Kellogg School)
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Quality
  • Senior Management and Board Experience
  • Business Sustainability
  • Homeless Crisis
  • Employee Ownership